100% Colombian Coffee

Introducing Coffee Roaster and wholesaler from Australia, bringing you the richest coffee in the world! 100% premium Colombian Coffee, certified and endorsed by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia. Learn more about Calima Coffee Malaysia


CALIMA is 100% Colombian coffee with a distinctive rich and pleasurable clean taste. Our beans are from the Cauca region of Colombia, now referred to as the CALIMA region which is one of the major coffee growing areas of Colombia.

Given the rich nutritional soil, altitude and climatological advantages of the area, the coffee crop is of superb quality. From planting to harvesting, washing and packing, the beans are repeatedly tested to ensure quality standards are met.

No wonder our coffee is referred to as “The Richest Coffee in the World”®. CALIMA coffee is proudly endorsed by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, whose mission, since 1927, is to pursue the common welfare of Colombian coffee growers and their communities. Whatever style of coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte or any other coffee drink, one clearly appreciates the distinctive taste of CALIMA coffee.

Bean Profile

Calima’s beans are grown in Cacau, Colombia – a region with rich nutritional soil, altitude and climatological advantages. We employ secret roasting process to bring out the rich blend of Calima’s first-rate coffee beans. This results in distinctively rich, clean tasting, and full bodied coffee. It has low acidity and presents an overall well balance tasting experience, with slight hint of chocolaty finish.

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